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Default Re: ludwig 60s red lacquer... do u know the exact paint to get for touch ups?

For my day job, I work in the railroad industry and have been associated with locomotive and railcar rehabs that included matching vintage railroad paint schemes. The industry standard was DuPont. I can tell you that those paints, at least for locomotive applications, were a step above the rest. They were thick, durable, sprayed like gold and had and retain a very durable luster and shine. If you are of the hardcore restore type, it might be worth investigating DuPont paints. Just maybe, they might have that something extra in shine and durability that goes beyond the formulations of paint at regular consumer paint stores. Additionally, I was amazed to find that DuPont had meticulous record keeping and actually had formulations on file for paints applied to locos from the 40s and 50s. Who knows, maybe they still have the account records when Ludwig was a client??? I can tell you they will be expensive. Yes, be mindful of the leads......
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