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Default Re: Latest Score: Stewarts In Orange/Gold

Originally Posted by vibes View Post
Really nice find Bob. I found a nice Stewart set a couple years ago in a beautiful Black Diamond Pearl. 14"x22" 9"x13" 16"x16" and 5"x14" eight lug snare. I have Remo Ambassadors on them and the drums sound great. I hear you about the snare drums. I have used the whole set with the snare on quite a few jazz gigs and the snare is fine. Gets a nice cross stick sound on Latin tunes, nice jazz snare tone, but the one time I took it out on a R&B gig I had to change it after the first set for a Supraphonic. It is just not made for a hard back beat rim shot groove. Doesn't cut through enough. One thing I did to the snare when I had the heads off and cleaning it was to treat the interior wood with Danish Oil/ Tung Oil . That old Luan soaked it up. I know that stuff will penetrate that pourus wood and dry hard preserving it. I plan on treating the other drums too. Maybe give them a little more projection. These drums are great for mellow situations and also mic'ed up sound nice. I think mine are like yours, except a 4 piece set. My badges just say Stewart at the top, and Japan at the bottom. No, worlds supreme quality. The person I got mine from said they were told they were made in 1966. Looking forward to hearing a report on yours after you gig them.
Thanks for your response. I put some used but OK heads on them last night, but still am not satisfied with the sound of the toms, although they are very loud, so they'll work on my rock gigs. I do have a nice early 70's Pearl snare in BDP that sounds great. I paid $50 for it.

The guy I bought these drums from turned to be a really nice guy, a straight shooter, which is rare on craigslist.

I have found that most MIJ snare drums are very lacking in most ways. The construction is second rate generally. The manufacturers skimped on the snare drums back then, the same way they do today, which is weird, because the snare is your most important drum. I plan to pair these drums up with a Slingerland or Leedy snare.
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