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Default Re: Latest Score: Stewarts In Orange/Gold

Really nice find Bob. I found a nice Stewart set a couple years ago in a beautiful Black Diamond Pearl. 14"x22" 9"x13" 16"x16" and 5"x14" eight lug snare. I have Remo Ambassadors on them and the drums sound great. I hear you about the snare drums. I have used the whole set with the snare on quite a few jazz gigs and the snare is fine. Gets a nice cross stick sound on Latin tunes, nice jazz snare tone, but the one time I took it out on a R&B gig I had to change it after the first set for a Supraphonic. It is just not made for a hard back beat rim shot groove. Doesn't cut through enough. One thing I did to the snare when I had the heads off and cleaning it was to treat the interior wood with Danish Oil/ Tung Oil . That old Luan soaked it up. I know that stuff will penetrate that pourus wood and dry hard preserving it. I plan on treating the other drums too. Maybe give them a little more projection. These drums are great for mellow situations and also mic'ed up sound nice. I think mine are like yours, except a 4 piece set. My badges just say Stewart at the top, and Japan at the bottom. No, worlds supreme quality. The person I got mine from said they were told they were made in 1966. Looking forward to hearing a report on yours after you gig them.

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