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Default Re: Slingerland Drums No City Label

Originally Posted by slingerfan View Post
Slingerlands with that badge are post-Niles imports. That badge and serials 940xxx were used in two different eras. First in the HSS era (early 90's) and then again during the Gibson era (early 2000's). More pictures/info needed to narrow it down further.
Yeah, I already know this part, original owner said he purchased in or about 1992. What I did not know is whether or not this was before Gibson took over. But the post I found on the other forum which I copied here upthread a bit seems to answer my questions. These are three ply Maple-Mahogany-Maple and the year (1992) seem to point to HHS era. So now, what exactly is the HHS era anyway? What does HHS mean anyway?
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