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Default Re: i.d. help please...

Originally Posted by MIKEY777 View Post
Ok this is what I think this set I have posted this on the web site that this was posted ,but the posting is gone.
Anyway the set was made by Pearl some time late 70's to late 80's. The lugs t rods and claws,Tom mounts are copy's of Pearl.
Pearl made these sets for export with 150+ names I don't recall this one badges were stickers the shell are 9 ply junk wood.
The set is over in Denmark so this set was exported and the music store made up a name for their line of drums.
the tom mount emblem was what i was asking about. mainly because i know i have seen it b4 but couldn't remember on what drums and it was driving me crazy. 😵 that was the question the OP was asking and couldn't answer him, so that brought me back here. we must be on the same other site Mikey, and you are right, that post is gone. so a real definent answer isn't necessary i guess. it probably was pearl drums I've seen that emblem/logo on b4.
thanks for your time.
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