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Default Re: How to date Black Label Paiste 2002 Cymbals

And here is a textbook example of how people get 1971 for a 1981 serial number if they don't know about the changes to the Patent List and are misled by the interwebs (and Paiste) saying serial numbers started in 1970 when they mean "the early 70s". The patent list which doesn't have Other Countries Pending at the bottom confirms 1981. If you read the seller's story with this in mind you will see he bought them used decades after they were produced and does not indicate that any accurate information on a purchase date was obtained when he bought them in England.

VINTAGE 1971 Paiste 14" Sound Edge Hi-hat cymbals -- Matched Pair (SN# 110397/8)

If you're viewing this auction, you know it pains me to put these babies on sale! I bought these in England a few years ago and besides some finger smudges on the top cymbal and slight label wear, you can tell these are in excellent condition--absolutely no keyholing or major dings, scratches, or whatever else you might be worried about. Again, these are a matched pair of 14" Paiste Sound Edge (SE) Hi-hats made in 1971, which was the first year that Paiste made these cymbals, and also the first year they put serial numbers on their cymbals, so it doesn't get much better than these! Again, those Serial Numbers are 110397 for the top hat and 110398 for the bottom.

I purchased a Giant Beat set earlier this year, so I sold my hodge podge of cymbals I had, except for these. Eventually, I'll figure out a hi-hat combo that works for me, but for now, these hats are just too loud/bright and IMHO don't work well with the rest of my Giant Beat setup.
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