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Default Re: Opinions: Hawthorne Drum Shop

I didn't mention that I had already spoken to Chris about this set before posting this. I told him nicely that I felt his asking price was way too high. His response was, 'I think the price is fair," to which I promptly replied, "No offense intended, but I respectfully disagree," and then pointed out all the issues with the set. I was then invited to make an offer, which I have not yet done.

I do agree that much of what he sells has modifications, problems and issues. It seems like he specializes in player's quality sets.

I just wanted some feedback on Chris and his business dealings and practices. I'm sure he's a nice guy, so I'm going to look at the set again closely and make a decision as to whether or not to make an offer.

Has anyone had any issues with Chris? Thanks all.
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