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Default Re: Slingerland Schooling Needed

If you're interested in Slingerland drums, stick with the USA stuff, and there are plenty of sets for sale. Some dingbats are asking stupid money for older sets, but there are bargains out there. Usually, delusional sellers list sets at sky-high prices, then after no one responds, they drop the prices accordingly, sometimes dramatically.

I've seen Slingerland sets listed at $1500 and wind up selling for $800 and change.
'01 DW Collectors, Oyster White, 10/12/14/16/22
'64 Slingerland, 13/16/20/22 (to be restored)
'65 Leedy, Blue Sparkle, 12/14/20
'67 Ludwig, Burgundy Sparkle, 12/13/16/22
'73 Slingerland, Sky Blue Pearl, 12/13/16/22
'72 Slingerland, Red Tiger Pearl, 12/13/16/16/22
'74 Slingerland Gold Sparkle, 13/14/18/24
'72 Rogers, Black Strata, 13/16/22
'60's Stewart, Gold Glass Glitter, 12/13/16/22
'00's Tama Swingstar, White Satin Flame, 12/13/16/22

Author, "Great Rock Drummers Of The Sixties."
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