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Default Re: Painted Luddy restoration finally done :-)

Thanks guys. I actually know the guy who painted them - he was an adventurous teenager at the time, not realizing then that what he was doing was sacrilege:-) One day on a run, he told me about this kit that he used to have in a "mother pf pearl" wrap and that he painted it white as he thought it would look cool. I asked him where the kit was and he told me that he sold it years ago to a young scholar and he still had contact with his parents. I asked him to call them and ask whether they still had the drums - he called me and told me that (as is often the case and as I was hoping for) the son lost interest in the drums and the kit is in the way - I am free to make them an offer. I put in a cheeky offer of about the equivalent of USD 65 and they accepted - so for that I scored the shells, a painted Supra (which I am still in the process of restoring), a Speed King pedal and other bits and bobs. Sometimes long shots pay off
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