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Default Re: WFL snare weird shell construction

Originally Posted by poco rit. View Post
Yes extra drum for the same price! The guy who paid an extra $8 bucks for chrome plating didnt know the freebie he was getting. Ya there is really no space between the shim and the shell. I dont wanna attempt to finesse the shim in fear that it is a pull tab and the world will implode.

I may create a DFO account. Only for the sake of seeing if anyone else has seen a shim stuck in the re-ring like this before. But you guys have helped me understand it a lot already.

I dont think ill trim the shim. I like the shim now. He reminds me that man is not infallible. An imperfect man made an imperfect drum. But there can be beauty in imperfection. The story is whats fun about these drums.
If it does not go under the ring, the only other thing that makes sense is a piece to prevent clamp marks for gluing the seam. There appears to be leftover spacer at the bottom of the seam too. Is that what I see at the other end ?
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