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Default Re: WFL snare weird shell construction

Dang i missed these emails! Sorry for the late reply.

Drum Doug cool Duco WFLs! It makes sense now. I cant believe I didnt realize sooner that the white “14” meant shell diameter.

Oddball thanks for the schoolin my guy! So in regards to the wedge, you said you think it was done at the factory? Or do you think it was done by the previous owner? The guy I bought it from (through Ebay) was not a drummer. He didnt even have a drum key to show me the interior or edges. He said he inherited the drum. It was a risk but I got a stupid good deal and the drum turned out to be in great shape.

Im trying to piece together an origin story to explain our friend “the wedge” (or idk what to call it. JDA says shim?) Maybe the guy who was making the drum that day needed to improvise and did whatever he needed to do to get the drum out the door. But if the wedge was done at the factory, then its interesting to think that whoever did quality assurance was just ok with that extra bit of wood in there. Didnt the WFL catalogue claim Ludwig himself supervised every drum or something??

But if the wedge was done after the fact, then I would think the re-ring would be compromised and distorted by now. But the ring looks fine as far as i can tell....

If yall could give this drum and “the wedge” a memoir how would it go?
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