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Default Drum photo archive #2 now avail for free

to refresh everyone's memory, i have a bunch of drum pics that i've mostly found online that were meant to be used for a couple of sites i was working on. i just don't have the time to do them and i hate to just delete them so i'm offering them to all on the drum forums for free.

i tried to save the best quality pics while others are a little smaller but they're still cool. and you might see some drum forum member pics (i had asked to use them years ago)

the links below will take you to each photo album were you can DL the albums or the pics in each album.

this will be avail as long as google allows it to be free, so people should be able to DL for years.


= 1800's - 30's pics:

= 40's - 50's pics:

= 60's pics:

=70's pics:

= 80's:

= buddy rich 1:

= buddy rich 2:

= keith moon:

= beatles on drums:

= art blakey / ray mckinley:

= gene krupa 1:

= gene krupa 2:

= louie bellson:

= joe morello:

= max roach, dave tough:

= shelly manne, sonny greer:

= charlie watts, papa jo jones:

= misc drum ads:

= star drummers 20's - 00's:

= celebrities on drums:
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