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Default Re: Vintage drums - need some advice

Yes, that Yammy is the best by far. Not the sound you are looking for though. I would sell the Pearl Export to raise money for the vintage woody. However, know that you will have to add much more money to what you can get from the Export.

To get what you are looking for - if you went Vintage MIJ, you need to get one with a thicker shell. Star made (several branded) thicker shelled snare drums starting in the late 60s. I suggest this one because they are great woody affordable snare drums. The one I speak of is a Majestic with the thicker shell. Just look to identfy as made by Star, then get one with a thicker shell (no reinforcement rings).

Otherwise, you could just save enough money to buy a Slingerland or something like that. A 3-ply Slingerland snare is certainly warm, but will cost you at least $200 (unless you find a great deal).

I am sure there are other snares that would fit your bill, and hope others will chime in. These are just what came to mind immediately.

Good luck and welcome to the forum!
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