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Default Re: New Restoration Project - Advice please!

Especially if you rip your veneer a couple inches wider than the shell and let it hang over each edge while you are wrapping the shell. That way if it does start to wonder off center you just trim the crooked edge off.
This is what I did... I left about an extra inch on either side, then just trimmed it off with a sharp razor knife after the cement cured. I will now file/sand the outside of the bearing edges a little to smooth them so heads don't get hung up on the edge of the veneer.

One thing I learned: when you buy your contact cement, buy the type that allows you to reposition slightly 'cause once you start rolling the drum into the veneer with the stuff I used, it is STUCK. I lucked out though.

Staining on Friday - more pics coming soon. Thanks for all the kind words!

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