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Default Re: Non-Posters and Lurkers post your drums thread.

Thanks everyone,as far as the bass spurs go,I don't mind the look they are very stable,and the tom post that goes to the bottom of the bass adds a lot of strength for the top of the bass being 3mm fiberglass, the drums are not heavy even the bass,there is a thread on here on tuning a COF Fibes kit,this kit is probably quite different as these are painted not a wrap,but I have clear emperors over clear ambassadors tuned low, just above wrinkle,and they don't ring at all,my 16" is almost as low as the bass..I had a problem tuning the 8", I hated the sound it was like hitting a paint can,after multiple head experiments (batter and reso) I finally got it,I have a clear emperor over a clear pinstripe
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