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Default Re: Help please--paper tags, and what model is my Rogers?

I'm not saying that there were not names for drum outfits (sets). What I'm saying is that many drummers bought new drum sets for which they specified the drum sizes and mounting hardware rather than ordering a set of drums that was given a name pictured on page 12 of the current catalog. I was fortunate to live in the Chicago area where two of the most prestigious drum shops (Frank's and Bill Crowden's Drums Limited) would configure a new drum set from their huge inventories. Most of the drum sets that I bought over thirty years were never pictured in any catalog. Even the smaller music stores ordered drum sets for store stock that were not shown in the catalogs. It was sorta like this... "Hey Mr. store owner, I really like that Green Sparkle Slingerland set. But, I'd rather have an 8x12 tom than the 9x13 that is with it". Well, I can get the 8x12 for you. It will take a few weeks. But, take it as it is, and I'll knock off another $25".
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