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Default Re: Help please--paper tags, and what model is my Rogers?

Originally Posted by leedybdp View Post
You want a name for your configuration. May I suggest Buford?
Drums could be ordered in the sizes a person wanted, and configured any way the person wanted.
So, you're saying there are no named configurations for Rogers drums. Got it. Thanks!

As a Ludwig guy, I know that the old Ludwig catalogs listed names for certain configurations/sizes. If I were to say I had a Hollywood, a Downbeat, or a Jazzette, those are very particular setups. In the Rogers catalogs I looked at, they seemed to have very specific names, but no configurations listed, which is why I was confused. I suppose I'm still confused about why they even HAVE names such as Ultra Power VII, Londoner V, and Compact X in the catalogs, if they don't actually mean anything...
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