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Default Re: Sonor Teardrop help and parts!

Originally Posted by Ralf View Post
Yes, this is correct.

Sorry to contradict. I am from Germany and what he did with his teardrop kit is NOT what we are talking here about ...
It's true: if you want contact with someone who had distroyed a fully functional wrap, he's the guy for it.
In general, this German forum (btw: I'm a member there, but NOT for vintage stuff!) is NOT special when it comes to vintage. The most members are much too young to appreciate vintage stuff.

You'd better stay here, or ask experts over here:

Cheers, Ralf
Thanks, Ralf!

I agree, what he did is not what I'm looking to do; but he does have some great pictures showing the details of the drums!

I've been using the sonormuseum site and they have been very helpful. So has everyone here!

I've finished putting mine back together and will post pictures soon!
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