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Default Re: Info on Zildjian Canadian K brilliant finish?

Originally Posted by kdg View Post
I may be mistaken, but I seem to recall hearing that "Made in Canada" came somewhat later in the Canadian K production.
This is how internet rumors get started. If you can come up with a specific reference or references then we have a chance to evaluate the evidence.

In another context you can see how Gretsch have alluded to Turkish origin (craftsmen from Istanbul) and not mentioned Canada as the origin for those cymbals. That tells us nothing about whether or not MADE IN CANADA was included on the trademark or not. Just that Gretsch were being coy in their ad copy. We already know that there were A. Zildjian trademarks with and without MADE IN CANADA. Again that has not yet been related to chronology, and in both cases we could be looking at a difference in the target market (USA and Canada vs rest of the world) instead of something chronological. We just don't know.
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