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Default Re: Snare Set Advice Needed for Vintage Acrolite

Originally Posted by DrumBob View Post
I have to argue for Puresound wires. I get them from D'Addario and they have never failed me. Not once in all these years. I never have loose wires hanging after gigs. Yes, they're more expensive, but you gets what you pays for. Go with the 20 strand wires.

I used to have an endorsement deal with Grover Percussion, and used their snare wires. They were just awful. They'd break constantly, usually after 10-12 gigs. They were sending them to me for free after a while, and I finally told them I was done, I'm switching to Puresound. No regrets.
Hey DrumBob!

I would tend to agree with you about Puresound wires. In fact, I have more Puresounds on my snares than any other brand. What I've found, though, is that Puresound wires tend to lean towards a more "dark" tone. For many of my chrome and brass snares, they tame the sound really well. But, with the majority of aluminum-shelled snare drums, the sound is already somewhat dry and I found using a "snappy snare", such as the generic wires sold by just about everyone, gives a bit more life and tone to these drums. Just my opinion!

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