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Default Re: '67 Ludwig’s in Burgundy Sparkle

Yes, masking tape, but I don't know why. It must be cracked. I never take out the 8x12 tom, to be honest, so I don't use the holder. I'm still using the Ambassadors they came with, as they sound fine. Bought them from a forum member in Maryland.

The original owner was a drummer who worked the Atlantic City casino and club circuit. I stopped using the original spurs, because they weren't holding very well. I now have a set of DW clip-on spurs that get the job done.

I'm generally not a big Ludwig guy, but Burgundy Sparkle is my favorite finish of theirs, and I had a set years ago and mistakenly sold them. These more than make up for that error.
'01 DW Collectors, Oyster White, 10/12/14/16/22
'64 Slingerland, 13/16/20/22 (to be restored)
'65 Leedy, Blue Sparkle, 12/14/20
'67 Ludwig, Burgundy Sparkle, 12/13/16/22
'73 Slingerland, Sky Blue Pearl, 12/13/16/22
'72 Slingerland, Red Tiger Pearl, 12/13/16/16/22
'74 Slingerland Gold Sparkle, 13/14/18/24
'72 Rogers, Black Strata, 13/16/22
'60's Stewart, Gold Glass Glitter, 12/13/16/22
'00's Tama Swingstar, White Satin Flame, 12/13/16/22

Author, "Great Rock Drummers Of The Sixties."

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