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Default Re: Getting some Torodor Drums :)

I believe these were made by Pearl.
and the shells will date them (you probably already know):

Thin with rerings through 1967ish.
Thick with no rings 1968ish and later.

This rule is general and applies to both Pearl and Star made kits.

Congrats - that is a great score! If you are like me - you will build an entire set of flat based MIJ hardware to go with your vintage MIJs. Scores like this is a great help toward that goal. Not quite as rugged, not quite as reliable, etc. - but they still work just fine if you make sure they are complete and in good condition.

Tune the heads to the shells - and these will sound great. SOme are even shocked at how good they can sound. If you have any tuning issues - just have the edges recut - and it can totally liberate them.
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