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Originally Posted by Catherine View Post
My brothers first kit was a red sparkle. I do not remember what kind though. He loved Buddy Rich too. Your kit is really keen! How often to do play?
Thanks for the compliment Catherine!

"Keen" I love the term!

Truthfully, I just began 60 years old! So, I retired, and I know I'm supposed to be on the golf course 8 days a week now, but I always wanted to drum, so I figured I better get down to it.

I played guitar all my life. I grew up in an apartment, and drums were out of the question, so my parents gave me a guitar and I've always enjoyed it. No regrets. But I always felt drawn to the drums, so now we'll see if I'm the drummer I always thought I was meant to be!

I've been playing everyday now since my birthday 2 months ago. I'm not ready to gig for sure, but I'm getting pretty comfortable! Geez, there would be a lot of shocked people if they ever saw me gig on drums!

Thanks for asking!
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