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Default Ajax drums

Hi. I'm new to this so bear with me. I've just bought a 14 X 4 Ajax snare from ebay. I've been after a 4" wood snare for a while, and Ludwig Downbeats have proved too costly for the moment. Premier Royal Ace (which I've used in the studio) I like but have had no luck with them either. My Ajax is identical to the one Tony Meehan used in the Shadows (see first LP cover) and he got a great sound! As did Brian Bennett with a Royal Ace. ANYWAY, waffling aside, I'm wondering if anyone knows what wood these were hued from? I know Premier used birch, and wonder if Ajax were the same. It's a light brown with a light varnish (a lot like my 60s Slingerlands I use for most jobs, in look - I know these are maple and doubt B&H used this!).
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