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Default Re: Vintage Premier - Help me identifying it

Originally Posted by funkypoodle View Post
I dont think they are refinished either. I think they are either APK or APK Excell from between 1984 and 1987, before the designation XPK was given to lacquered kits, but probably closer to '87 if it doesn't have a badge under the P badge that says Royal. By 1998 the XPK was also sporting hi-tension lugs. Look here:

I really like the APK/XPK lines especially the earlier ones. They were an intermediate line back in the day, but always sounded good to me.They have the same triple-plated quality chrome, slightly under-sized shells and tunabilty that I expect from a Premier kit. Oh, and I see Paiste pies in the pic!
So if it is an early APK, does it have reinforcement rings?
The cymbals and stands are included. Do you know wich model is that Paiste cymbal by the way?
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