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Default Re: Unyellowing wraps - cool method!


Kevins has hit the proverbial nail, squarely on the head here.. and .. I just saw this post now.. ( THANKS Gary! ) .. otherwise I would have commented sooner. That all said...

The KEY here, is EXACTLY what Kevins mentioned: Pyralin vs. PVC... BIG DIFFERENCE!! Many of you may remember that I have lightened vintage WMP with excellent success in the past and have shared my method here and there, although I have always maintained that it is RISKY!! So...

The method discussed here will NOT work on Pyralin/cellulose based wraps/WMP.. because .. the yellowing that takes place on those particular wraps happen from the INSIDE out... not on top. As to how well the stuff mentioned here works on PVC, well... perhaps someone is willing to take up the gauntlet of challenge and check it out. I will say again however... NOT RECOMMENDED on the "older" Pyralin/cellulose film, which in reality, is NOT plastic. PVC is a form of plastic... completely different material. As to WHEN the change to PVC took place, I don't really know. I do know that Pyralin was in place up until at LEAST 1966 though. That might act as a rough guide for anyone so inclined.

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