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Default Re: Strange mounting plate on Moon kit

Originally Posted by Lee H View Post

I was really joking about the whole measurement thing, but it is so cool on so many levels that you have this insight (and grey matter to remember details nearly 20 yrs on!)

I've been looking around for some aftermarket piece at trucker and biker sites to see if someone makes an iron cross something like these plates. No luck so far, but maybe I'll look into manufacturing something.

Thanks again brother.

Lee, Thats one set i will never forget on working on.Funny thing after i finish the set the G.C. guy that i worked with give me the old heads off the set i have 3 14",1 16".1 18", and 2 22" heads from the set buy the way they are Remo's clear black dot's..As far as fining the cross's look at any custom bike shop's maybe Jesse James site would have them...Mikey
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