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Default Re: Strange mounting plate on Moon kit

Wow, Do i have a story about this set or one like it.Back in 92 or 93 i got to restore one of these sets of Moon's for the G.C. in Hollywood ca...Cindy Moon if i recall her name right give the set to the G.C. to put on display..When i worked on the set it had missing Rogers hardwear bottom rims front rims on the bass drums..Anyway the crosses you see on both bass drums {the one on the left has one also look at the double tom mount you will see it}-that was for a single tom mount like on the bass drum on the right..These crosses where their to reinforce the Rogers single tom mounts and bass drum shells.Also inside the bass drums had a piece of metal as a plate under the crosses.. In fact all the Rogers mounts had a reinforce plates inside each shell .Because he was so hard on the drums..Mikey
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