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wayne 09-03-2019 11:28 PM

Rogers R-360
Not really familiar with these shells. Are they decent, worthy drums or another attempt to make money off the "Rogers" name? They are inexpensive when they show up, but so are a lot of other drums

idrum4fun 09-03-2019 11:55 PM

Re: Rogers R-360
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Hi wayne!

I'm assuming that you mean the late 60's R-360 built by Yamaha and not the Taiwan-built R-360 from the 80's, correct? If so, then, yes, they are "decent, worthy drums" licensed by Rogers to compete with the onslaught of MIJ imports. These Yamaha-built R-360 and R-380 drums were much better than anything produced during the same time period by Pearl, Star and Hoshino. The lugs were even designed by Joe Thompson and even used on Duplex drums. A very nice looking lug!

I purchased an R-360 5x14 shell on eBay some years ago, that only came with the original muffler. From my Rogers parts stash, I installed lugs, strainer and tension rods. I found an MIJ butt that fit the shell with no modifications. My R-360 is a COS Powertone...and sounds great!


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