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Drumaholic 02-16-2020 12:08 PM

K. Zildjian 18" intermediate
The one looks to be in remarkable condition for a 63year old cymbal:

jda 02-16-2020 12:22 PM

Re: K. Zildjian 18" intermediate
I have 1.
And it was quite a contrast to a New Stamp or T4.
Right in line with every other Intermediate.
Great Era. Never liked them much as a 14" or 13" hi hat (top, bottom or both) ( 15" Intermediate hi hat seemed to be proliferate- never had those- others did- and loved them) As a suspended cymbal what an era.
Cold dark Iceberg's

Had a 22" at 2279g for a few years; very dark still with a bright bell; couldn't afford to keep..
Still have a 20"- 1987g (common weight) stone-cold dead jazz time cymbal.
the 18" (1516g) (common) I stole. Has a 2" tight break mid bow; never budged; small version of the 20
and a 16 (1043g) I rescued; big split; I drilled ends; great effect crash (and as hihat top)
Yes that one above is a Beauty and He started it at no Reserve 1$.
Seems to be 'the way' to sell old Ks...these days (if serious about actually selling them (and not just dreaming over Hawaiian vacations and Cessna acquisition) Fair and honest.
And it still works out..

Notice the Japanese buyer on Reverb and Ebay- now finds himself "hung" with them- after purchasing every one that popped up on ebay a few years back... He's now asking unrealistic big prices; he's hung with them.. That's what "he' gets for being greedy ( thinking he can flip over.. again.. in a never-ending 'appreciation' gamble;..wrong. except for extremely rare ones (and only a maybe there)

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