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Donovan Drums 10-26-2019 09:05 AM

Ludwig Supraphonic Chrome Damage
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I saw that the snare side head was torn on the bearing edge.
When I took off the head a chunk of chrome came off too, about 3/4" long.

Please see the attached picture...

What is the recommended fix for this type of damage?


Hoppy 10-26-2019 12:20 PM

Re: Ludwig Supraphonic Chrome Damage
As this area is covered by the head/rim, this wouldn't bother me too much... I'd just consider the "flaw" part of what makes your drum unique.

If you're concerned about further lifting/flaking in the area maybe consider something to seal the area like an epoxy such as ClearWeld by JB Weld.

Other things to consider are spray type products like Rust-O-Leum "Metallic Finish" (comes out more nickel in final color, but applied lightly in several coats will also fill the area) or Krylon (or Spaz Stick, or you could find somebody locally that can apply PChrome or HydroChrome to see if the would be willing to touch that area up for you. There are vids on YT that can give you the lowdown on what the products are all about.

YT Link to a dude that used the Rust-O-Leum paint on a VW bumper:

YT video showing the Alsa Chrome Spray:

PChrome link:

Hydrachorme demo:

salty 1322 10-29-2019 01:24 PM

Re: Ludwig Supraphonic Chrome Damage
Looks like Hoppy has spent a lot of time and expertise in helping out a fellow member! Way to go Hoppy! A couple of years ago, I had a similar issue with an old strainer. I simply used a dab of chrome nail polish which seems to be popular with some kids today. The nail polish "settled in" filling the area and dried very hard. Until someone invents real liquid chrome, it worked quite well.

Hoppy 10-29-2019 01:34 PM

Re: Ludwig Supraphonic Chrome Damage
^ Great idea salty.... a big + is the nail polish brush allows you to place the media a little more critically and build up areas as well.

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