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hardbat 08-03-2014 07:11 PM

Gretsch RB aqua flame 20/16/13/14
3 Attachment(s)
Gretsch Round Badge Aqua Flame, 4pc kit.

20" BD
13" small tom
16" floor tom
14" snare

floating action Gretsch pedal
flat base Gretsch hi hat stand and clutch
flat base Gretsch snare stand
matching RB Gretsch cymbal arm for bass drum
matching floor tom legs, bass drum spurs, etc.
Attachment 73919Attachment 73920Attachment 73921
  • Shells and bearing edges are in excellent condition.
  • Wrap is vibrant in color and seams are tight. No major gouges, splits, or fading.
  • Very little cracking on SD and ST. Moderate cracking and scratches on BD. Lots of spider cracking on floor tom.
  • Hardware and chrome is in excellent condition. Most of it is shiny with very few scratches.
  • Badges are excellent. ST badge looks like it may have been flipped, perhaps the drum was originally on the right side of a 5-piece(?)
  • Interiors on SD, ST, FT are in excellent condition, and the labels are present on those three drums.
  • Interior of the BD has many scuffs, label missing.
  • Original Pratt muffler in BD, but with new felt.
  • Original key in SD, although it is a bit rough.
  • BD pedal and HH stand both work great - extremely smooth. BD pedal spring is new, the rest is original.
  • BD hoops newly painted. The matching period insets are currently just taped in place - you'll probably want to glue them down. One hoop is slightly out of round, although it works fine. I moved the out of round portion up to the top in the photos so you can see it.
  • All heads are new or nearly new. I'm not sure what brand the Gretsch-labeled head on the front is... I'm guessing a Remo, it was on the drum when I got it. The others are Evans.
  • you'll probably want to replace the diamond fixture on the small tom because the metal slot is starting to crack.
  • Snare drum is late-RB-era with the lightning throw and is in excellent condition.
I would like to get $1650 for everything.
Buyer pays actual shipping cost, whatever it turns out to be.
I will pay for packing.
Or, local pickup in Sacramento would be even better.

I have lots of pictures, so just let me know what you'd like to see. I haven't put it up on eBay yet... would rather sell it here on the forum.

airborneSFC 08-03-2014 11:28 PM

Re: Gretsch RB aqua flame 20/16/13/14
That is not the one that just sold on Ebay was it? I am interested as I just sold a few kits.


hardbat 08-03-2014 11:32 PM

Re: Gretsch RB aqua flame 20/16/13/14
No - it was a similar one though. I was watching it to try and guage a fair price taking into account condition.

hardbat 08-08-2014 08:28 AM

Re: Gretsch RB aqua flame 20/16/13/14
I'll let this hang here another week or so before plopping it on thE bay.

BTW, upon closer inspection, the W&A upper piece on the BD is the correct one. Only the diamond mount on the ST might need replacing if it is going to be used. I fixed the description accordingly.

orangemi 08-08-2014 11:46 AM

Re: Gretsch RB aqua flame 20/16/13/14
How do the heads fit on the toms and snare?

hardbat 08-09-2014 09:46 AM

Re: Gretsch RB aqua flame 20/16/13/14
I'm out of town until tomorow -- as soon as I get home I'll check each drum and follow up with an accurate answer.

randy73 08-09-2014 10:32 AM

Re: Gretsch RB aqua flame 20/16/13/14
That is a beautiful kit. Good luck with you sale!

hardbat 08-10-2014 07:53 PM

Re: Gretsch RB aqua flame 20/16/13/14

Originally Posted by orangemi (Post 313895)
How do the heads fit on the toms and snare?

The modern heads that are on them (Evans on both toms, Remo on the snare and bass) fit perfectly (meaning that they fall into position without any resistance at all) on the snare and floor tom. On the small tom and bass drum, there is a slight resistance, meaning that the heads fit slightly snugly (they still seat easily, though).

hardbat 08-14-2014 04:52 PM

Re: Gretsch RB aqua flame 20/16/13/14
Last bump before headin' to the 'bay.

Free shipping if you don't want the stands/pedals. (shipping in the continental U.S. is around $200).

hardbat 08-25-2014 06:28 PM

Re: Gretsch RB aqua flame 20/16/13/14
Price reduced to $1650 (still w/$200 for shipping). Or free shipping if you don't want the stands/pedals.

If it doesn't sell at this price, I will likely sell each of the drums and stands individually.

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