View Full Version : Free 2002 22 inch MAPEX bass drum hoop

08-04-2006, 06:00 PM
No one has shown interest in this 22 inch MAPEX bass drum hoop and so, this post is officially CLOSED.
Please DO NOT ask for this bass drum hoop in the future.

My story:
I bought this 22 inch MAPEX 7 to 8 ply solid maple bass drum hoop at a music store in Uniontown, PA back in 2002. The owner of the music store told me that he had ordered it for a customer but in the meantime the owner of the music store ended up stepping and cracking it. I was thinking about putting this on my vintage psychedelic bass drum but never did. I promised myself someday down the road I would put back a vintage psychedelic bass drum hoop and replace the other psychedelic bass drum hoop with another vintage Ludwig bass drum hoop while trying to reuse that strip if its even possible to do. I went back to that music store today and was told that a new one like this would run you $59 or more. That is also when I was told that this was a MAPEX bass drum hoop.

Sell and Shipping:
This 22 inch MAPEX 7 to 8 ply solid maple bass drum hoop is FREE for the asking but the person who wants it must pay ALL shipping costs upfront. This is a first come first serve basis. I will leave a CLOSE message on this post as soon as someone takes this FREE bass drum hoop. I will only ship to the lower 48 US states. This is AS IS with no shipping cost refund or returns. Paypal would be most convenient way to pay for the shipping cost inorder to speed up the shipping process. I DO not accept checks but will accept money order or cashiers check. No Western Union. I will send it via fedex ground and includes tracking number.

This is a 2002 MAPEX 22 inch with between 7 to 8 plys maple bass drum hoop. I used a measuring tape and the length is about 1 ? inch to 1 9/16 inch length and the thickness is approximately 3/8 inch. One side is flat while the other end is curved. There is a crack along the length of the bass drum hoop as shown in the second attachment. On the flat side thickness the crack goes through about 2 plys as shown in the second attachment while the curved side thickness the crack goes through about 4 plys.
I used gorilla glue to fill in much of the crack as possible. Used a razor blade and then 220 sand paper on the length of the crack while the thickness sides still show the glue expansion of gator glue which can be razor blade and sand paper smoothly.

Thank you for all your interests. Keep on drumming.