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  1. Restoration 101
  2. 1920's John Grey kit
  3. Cleaning Ludwig Stainless Steel Drums
  4. Installing a Drum Badge on a Ludwig Drum
  5. Finish Problem question
  6. lacquer vs. urethane
  7. Fixing an out of round shell - web site question
  8. dynasonic woes
  9. Gretsch delaminate
  10. Best polish for nickel plating?
  11. 1967 5pc W & A perfection drumkit
  12. Strainer for DW snare
  13. out of round bass drum...
  14. Advice needed - Chrome in bad shape.
  15. Is this pedal complete?
  16. Shell Inner Ply Delaminating
  17. vintage Slingerland snare parts
  18. A bit of TLC.....
  19. What to do with that old nickel hardware?
  20. White Marine Pearl Wrap Question
  21. question about tightening strainer string on vintage classic strainer?
  22. If you have to cover or recover, can you cover or recover?
  23. Ludwig Acrolyte Finish
  24. old drum set newly acquired...help!
  25. My Shrunken Heads
  26. Do you restore or do you make new all over again?
  27. Coating over polished lugs?
  28. Silver Anniversary HELP
  29. It's arrived! Let's the restoration begin...
  30. Ludwig 1955+ pearl finish problem
  31. I have sinned...need Slingerland grommets
  32. Where to buy wrapping?
  33. Dynasonic
  34. restoration woes
  35. Wood Dynasonic Restoration
  36. Greetings & Info Request for Slingerland Snare
  37. how to measure timapni head size
  38. Rogers XP8
  39. Snare value and ID please
  40. aging NOB
  41. ? Restoring early 20's Ludwig Snare Drum
  42. New guy ?'s about my 1967 Ludwig kit
  43. Rebirth of a JEDSON:
  44. New lugs on my old drums. Whats this do for the value?
  45. Type of Throw on a 1967 Supra
  46. tucking a calf head
  47. Acro - Redo Part 1
  48. Where to buy a snare for a Dyna Sonic?
  49. How to mount imperial lugs on a Supraphonic 400 snare?
  50. Measures of Ludwig screws for the P83 butt plate
  51. Help with 52/52 Leedy and Ludwig
  52. Drum Wrap in the UK
  53. Cleaning Stainless Steel Drums???
  54. Where to find new screws, nuts and washers for Ludwig Supraphonics?
  55. Bent Rim Anguish
  56. corrosion and rust
  57. Restoring Finish on a 1960's Ludwig Kit?
  58. Remove glue and shell seams come undone
  59. Duco Finish
  60. odl gretsch drum set
  61. Old Gretsch...Broadkasters?
  62. Valje Conga parts
  63. Did Slingerland use Lacquer or Polyurethane?
  64. Vintage Snare Identification
  65. Rogers Bread and Butter, Beavertail lugs
  66. Bass Drum Repair on 60's Ludwig
  67. Antique snare drum
  68. stripping of paint off old drums
  69. mahogony
  70. Rogers grommets
  71. Help! 68 slingerland--shell cracked??
  72. Snare Drum Repair
  73. Problem with Slingerland Zoomatic Strainer
  74. Rogers concert tom paint
  75. strange rogers drum coating
  76. Lud-cote/Granitone finish- Keep or not?
  77. Gretsch Snare
  78. Ludwig Rocker Blue and Green Badge
  79. Early 70's 3-Ply Project
  80. Vintage Slingerland style, deep Snare beds.
  81. Converting concert toms to double headed toms
  82. Sonor beechwood preservation
  83. Paint removal on gold sparkle covered Ludwig
  84. '66 Ludwig keystone tom restoration.
  85. Resealing interior of Slingerland 3-Ply Artist Snare
  86. Kick drum hoop inlays...
  87. Removing a sticker from a 60's Rogers drum
  88. 3 Ply 70's Ludwig BD Badge/Vent Hole Placement
  89. Acrolite Cleaning
  90. Restoring Shine on Oyster Wrap
  91. restoring Rogers kit
  92. Repairing real bad Chrome
  93. I'm new here. Question about Super Sensitive snare bed
  94. New England White wrap
  95. Slingerland Snare Shell
  96. Questions about compiling an old Ludwig kit.
  97. Restoring a snare, part 1 for Tommyp
  98. Rogers Holiday Model Restoration, Please Help!!
  99. Advice Repairing '65 BDP Floor Tom
  100. Repairing 14 inch 70's COS Slingerland Snare side Sticksaver Hoop?
  101. restoring '79 Gretsch kit (White Nitron)
  102. Vintage '79 Gretsch drumset
  103. Slingerland re-wrap and restoration before and after photos
  104. Bearing Edges on 70's Slingerland 3-Ply Artist Snare?
  105. Small Ludwig Lugs
  106. Cleaning Ludwig RESACOTE interiors
  107. Restoring A Dyna Sonic Badge?
  108. Rogers grey interiors!
  109. Restoring "Cloudy" Chrome Lugs
  110. Patching a large hole in my Ludwig Classic Tom
  111. What Glue to use for Recovering
  112. Cleaning Black Spotted Pitted Chrome?
  113. help with holes in shells!
  114. Should I Re-lacquer interior of Slingerland Snare?
  115. 1940's Gretsch Help! Please!!
  116. 60s 16 lug Sonor snare repair
  117. Pic of the snare side hairline fracture (60s Sonor Snare)
  118. Need help removing scratches from BOP finish
  119. Improving ugly sparkle wrap?
  120. out of round
  121. Leedy/Ludwig Restoration:
  122. 1920's ludwig snare black paint??
  123. Removing paint from Ludwig wraps
  124. mid 70's acrolite snare
  125. '65 Ludwig question
  126. Gut snare wires 1920's
  127. leedy snare 1920's
  128. Measures of mounting bolts for Ludwig imperial lugs
  129. Coated heads with no logo?
  130. Duct tape goo off Calfskin heads
  131. Acrolite paint removal
  132. Why keep the bearing edges bare wood?
  133. Painting bass head?
  134. Brasso
  135. Restoring Granitone Interior
  136. Dents in metal shell: how to hammer them out?
  137. How to stop bare metal from oxidating again without rechroming?
  138. Is Novus polish safe on old sparkle wraps?
  139. Questions About 1960's Rogers Holiday
  140. How do you mask off the Bearing Edges-Top and Bottom for Re-Lacquering interior?
  141. 76 ludwig super sensitive 6 1/2 x 14
  142. Consolette, the way of the dinosaur....now I know why!
  143. Ludwig Shell Repair/Hardware Re-Chroming
  144. 1966 Ludwig Snaredrum, Chrome or Brass?
  145. Removing glue residues
  146. Slingerland Clamshell Strainers? What do you do?
  147. My first Project (slingerland Snare)
  148. Removing Paint From Vintage Shells
  149. Mardi Gras set/BD hoops restoration
  150. What to use to remove a haze or film on wrap?
  151. 14" Ludwig 3ply? What to do?
  152. Best glue and method to fix lifting seams
  153. Dowel size??
  154. Cleaning dirty synthetic drumheads
  155. To re-lacquer or not.....
  156. old slingerland kit
  157. What is the best way to mask off the Lug holes on a Snare drum?
  158. Your Dremel??
  159. Newbie getting started--round badge snare
  160. Storing old stands
  161. J.W. York & Sons Bass Drum
  162. Removing wrap and re-applying it on bd rims
  163. Slingerland Artist restored
  164. Nickel or Chrome??
  165. Oiling threads
  166. what kind of laquer/varnish for slingerland 70's drums
  167. Snare Strainer and hoop ?'s
  168. louis
  169. Gretsch circle logo
  170. Acrylic Kit
  171. Ludwig White Marine Pearl
  172. Confusing head dilemma
  173. Repairing ripped calf skin head?
  174. preventing psychedelic red wrap from fading
  175. Slingerland "Yellow Jacket" yellow paint color #??
  176. Polishing a Chrome over Wood Snare?
  177. Re-chroming of Clam Shell Strainer Butt End
  178. Do you clean original lug screws and if so, how?
  179. What is Correct Nut Configuration for Clam Shell Lever?
  180. Better to paint or seal?
  181. Anywhere Can Buy NOS Radio King Snare Lugs??
  182. May Be A Silly Question...How to Clean Badge
  183. What is the Best Head for Snare Side?
  184. Snares wires for Ludwig Supra-Phonics
  185. Slingerland Buddy Rich TDR Grommet Question
  186. Okay, So If You Replace Your Wrap On a Slingy, Where Do You Get New Grommets????
  187. SpeedKing and SpurLok maintenance/remedies
  188. Use If Whink Rust Remover on Drum Hardware
  189. ludwig rail consolette questions
  190. 1920 Ludwig 6 lug COB Universal
  191. Painting Fiberglass Shells
  192. Painting Fiberglass Shells
  193. Done! My '59 Radio King After Major Cleaning
  194. Pain stripping
  195. plugging holes in wraps
  196. Bass Dum Spurs
  197. Att:Tommy P.-What is your method for cleaning/polishing a Chrome over Wood Finish?
  198. Modifying Puresound snare wires...
  199. gretsch bass drum
  200. Leedy & Ludwig logo
  201. Cleaning Wraps
  202. Restoring Shine to Nickel Plated Pieces
  203. Causes of yellowing WMP
  204. Snare wires for Jazz Festival
  205. which model?
  206. Cost of re-wrap
  207. Ludwig tension rods
  208. Restoring Interior of snare drum-What should I use?
  209. Rogers kick spurs slipping
  210. Filling holes in a Rogers kick
  211. Gretsch Drum/Aquarian American Vintage heads question
  212. Enlarge the hole, grind the mount or keep looking??
  213. Slingerland Clam Shell Strainer Snare Replacements
  214. Wd-40 On Plastic Wraps?
  215. Newbie here with a recent aquisition...
  216. How Do You Restore A Speed King
  217. bearing edges
  218. Ok, so now I'm working on the snare. Bottom bearing edge question?? 60' Slingerland.
  219. New Guy with an old set of drums
  220. 60's Ludwig inner paint
  221. fixing bubbled-up inner ply
  222. replating old lugs
  223. BonAmi & Dawn for rust
  224. Adhesive tape on wrap
  225. Novus dealer ??
  226. Resocote restoration
  227. Could somebody post a picture of the bottom of an RK with clamshells??
  228. Ludwig black oyster wrap source?
  229. Pre-age new drum wrap?
  230. Do any vintage claws match the Slingerland claws?
  231. Cool tool for parts hunting www.craigshelper.com
  232. Slingerland shell mount cymbal l-arm clamps??
  233. Removing wrap glue residue
  234. restoring my 60's Star drumkit
  235. Anyone Familiar W/ Glass Glitter Wraps
  236. Attaching hoop inlay strips
  237. Hoops without inlay
  238. patching holes in a kick
  239. Removing scratches from Glass Glitter wraps?
  240. Re-sealing seams?
  241. Question On Removing Glue From Acrylic Shells
  242. slingerland radio king shell separation from reinforcing hoop
  243. Source Of Supply For Duco Lacquer????
  244. Middle 1960's Stain Finish For Slingerlands
  245. introduction, q about tools
  246. sonor strainer lever
  247. sonor strainer lever
  248. A little slow but happy to be here
  249. Help On Cleaning Chrome Snare Shell???
  250. I need help